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Do NEJM Editors know Oncological Terrain? Vitamine D and Cancer Primary Prevention. Oncological Terrain plays a central Role.

Do NEJM Editors know Oncological Terrain?
Vitamine D and Cancer Primary Prevention. Oncological Terrain plays a central Role.

The following Letter to Editors, date submitted 8 April, 2011 (Manuscript ID: 11-04116. Title:Vitamine D and Cancer. Oncological Terrain plays a central Role. Author: Stagnaro, Sergio. Date Submitted: 08-Apr-2011) has been rejected by NEJM the day 13 May, 2010.
Overlooking the Congenital Acidosic Enzyme-Metabolic Histangiopathy, at base of Oncological Terrain, "conditio sine qua non" of most dangerous human disorders, including malignancy is overlooked, primary preventions are fundamentally biased, and thus no efficacious (1-5). Environmental risk factors and drugs, suggested as cancer risk factors, influence human biological functions, bringing about different disorders, like cancers, exclusively in presence of CAEMH-Dependent Oncological Inherited Real Risk in a biological system. This overlooked functional mitochondrial cytopathology, quantum-biophysical-semeiotic constitutions are based on, is genetic factor of human disorders, including malignancy (1-5). I emphasise pathological negative influence of smoking and Vitamine D deficiency on biological systems (3, 4). This effect varies in prevalence and intensity among individuals in relation to the above-mentioned congenital mitochondrial cytopathology, (2). This "silent" and dangerous action is easy to evaluate at the bed-side with a stethoscope. Physician first investigates the presence of CAEMH in the "enrolled" individuals, and than assesses OT-Dependent Inherited Real Risk, based on above-mentioned congenital cytopathology, characterized by newborn-pathological, type I, subtype a), oncological, Endoarterial Blocking Devices, causing the typical microvascular remodelling (1-5).

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