lunedì 4 luglio 2011

Without Diabetic Quantum Biophysical Semeiotic Constituion DM cannot occurs!

My 55 year long clinical experience allows me to state that type 1 and 2 DM is based on a mitochondrial cytopathology, I named Congenital Acidosic Enzyme-Metabolic Histangiopathy, i.e., CAEMH (See my website, Diabetes Mellitus, 6 articles) (!-5). In addition, CAEMH can bring about "all" biophysical semeiotic constitutions, including both the "diabetic and the dyslipidemic" ones: type 2 DM can occur solely in presence of the TWO constitutions, according to Joslin's old, but corroborated, theory (See above-cited 5 articles). Interestingly, if mother is positive for diabetic constitution, but father not, and the child is physically alike the father, in 50% of cases, ther is not predisposition to DM.
As mitochondrial cytopathology, ONLY mather can transmit these predispositions, but not father. Therefore, offspring of diabetic father (but NOT mother), were obviously "healthy" individuals!

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